A large poppy fieldI will not insult you by trying to tell you that one day you will forget. I know as well as you that you will not.
But, at least, in time you will not remember as fiercely as you do now - and I pray that that time may be soon.

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My Lady Of Surpassing Beauty

My Lady Of Surpassing Beauty - M.V. Briones

My lady of surpassing beauty
Had laid down at my door
Her head of white and gentle lily
Lolled limply on my floor

Lady, lovely white as lily:
"Oh where has come this phantom guest?"
To lady, lovely, love and beauty:
"Your heart is weary, come and rest."

Showered rose and purpling daisies
Were littered on my floor
Her palms so white with gentle lilies
Were beckoned into a door

"I left my love beyond that door,
Garbed in black and gloomy gray.
He leaves a flower on my floor
And stands to wait forever more."

I searched through time, eternity
Through mists and worlds for memories
To be with you beyond that door
And love again forevermore.

M.V. Briones

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